Greenwood Guesthouse En-Suite 3

Greenwood Guesthouse En Suite 3

This year we have had the pleasure of working with Greenwood Guesthouse, a small and friendly Bed and Breakfast located close to the town centre in Weymouth.

As they have unfortunately been closed due to covid restrictions, they have spent their time wisely refurbishing some of their en-suite rooms ready to welcome guests back.

Greenwood Guesthouse attracts guests who enjoy sailing, along with other water sports as they are only a short drive (or a very pleasant cycle ride along the Rodwell Trail) from the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy. For this reason, they have selected tiles that are perfectly suited to those who love being on, or in the water.

Of all the En Suites we have been involved in, we think Room 3 may be our favorite as it has so much character with the sloping ceiling. The tiles look spectacular in the multi-clour wood effect finish, and as one of our newest ranges, it’s the first time we have seen them in someone’s home. We’re so glad many guests will be able to appreciate them too.

The tiles are aptly names Impressions, and they can be viewed here:

Impressions Multi-Colour Wood Grain 75mm x 300mm – New Image Tiles (




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